Cars for rent to choose from while in Miami

If you are on a business trip, looking for real estate or on vacations, and if you are looking to rent a car in Miami to drive during your stay, then it’s the perfect opportunity to enjoy the wonderful things the city has to offer while behind the wheel of an amazing vehicle. Read along and see the options that you have from which to choose.

Exotic cars

An exotic car is one defined by its exterior design, bodywork, its style, the soft edges of its lines and everything related with its functional purpose and general performance. They are a symbol of status which makes these car stand above a regular car.


The superb performance of a coupe will feel like a dream come true while you drive it during your trip. They enter the definition of an exotic car because the can go from 0 to 100 miles per hour in amount of seconds. It is perfect for those who love speed.


These are sport cars that will allow you to explore the city completely. With one of these luxury cars for rent in Miami, you can enjoy the amazing starry nights and the sand and crystal clear beaches. Rental agencies like Private Key Cars offer a great variety of convertibles from which to choose. Perfect to enjoy the city’s sun and warm weather.

Luxury sedans

The city of Miami is the perfect place to drive a luxury sedan. A sedan is a synonym of elegance and prestige and will surely turn more than a few heads while going through the streets of Miami.


Like all luxury cars in Miami, SUVs are made to draw a lot of attention while being driven through the best places the city has to offer its visitors. Their powerful engine, comfort and space makes them a perfect choice when travelling with people.


A limousine is a universal sign for luxury and exclusivity. It’s more than a simple vehicle, its social status. This long car is traditionally black or white and it’s the perfect way to cause an impression arriving at a business meeting or a social gathering.

Have you chosen which of these amazing cars you will be driving during your stay? If that’s the case, all you have to do is rent a car in Miami, sign the contract and enjoy your trip.

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